Power of Eneco: Headwind Cycling Championship

Power of Eneco: Headwind Cycling Championship

Eneco, a leading energy company, tasked us with promoting their wind power package in a captivating way. Our challenge was to harness the force of nature itself—the relentless Dutch headwind—to effectively communicate Eneco's commitment to sustainable wind energy.

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Based on the simple idea that if you see how much energy a headwind can take, you could appreciate how much it can generate we introduced the "Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship". An annual event, featuring an arduous 8 1/2-kilometer route, that is set to take place only when wind force reached a minimum of 6 Bft.

The event unfolded on the coastal storm surge barrier, precisely where the mighty southwestern winds raged. Cyclists took on the challenge using traditional, gearless city bikes.

Leading up to the championship, the Headwind Machine roamed the streets, creating a buzz wherever it went. Cyclists who found themselves riding behind this vehicle experienced a preview of the fierce headwinds they would face during the actual championship.


  • The day after the event, the Eneco Headwind Championship dominated the national news landscape, from weather to sports to human interest

  • Creating 3,4 million euros worth of free publicity from a budget of 100K

  • The championship quickly captured the attention of participants and media alike, establishing itself as a highly anticipated annual tradition.

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