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Meet in the Middle

One of the most important marketing goals of car brands is to increase traffic to the showrooms of their dealers. This was certainly the case for Skoda Belgium when they saw their business lease car numbers decline. With the high density their dealer network has around Belgians larger cities, we saw an opportunity to not only increase showroom visits of the business driver but at the same time also do something about the enormous traffic jams Belgium is known for.


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Belgium has one of the highest concentrations of traffic jams in the world. Motorists around Brussels and Antwerp spend an average of 81,1 hours a year being stuck in traffic. This causes a daily frustration for the business driver, especially when they are on route to an important meeting.

Traffic jams in Belgium

To help them out, we came up with the concept to offer free use of fully equipped meeting rooms at the Skoda dealer showrooms conveniently located alongs side Belgian's busiest highways.

Skoda Meeting Point_app

Through Skoda's 'Meeting Point' app you can find the perfect location and reserve a time slot to meet with your clients and colleagues.

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