Brewing new ways for people to enjoy their coffee

Brewing new ways for people to enjoy their coffee

While the Philips engineering team was developing their new connected coffee machine, the product design team asked us to conduct a couple of design sprints to uncover all kinds of possible use cases for the device.

Together we explored the lives of two types of coffee lovers and looked where we could relief some of their frictions or fulfil any needs they have or didn't even knew they had.   

Based on research we created two personas, mapped out what their winning week would look like and what role coffee plays in there. Next, we ideated 70+ concepts and grouped them into four value proposition directions

Value proposition video

Value proposition #1

When it comes to coffee, everyone has their distinct taste. Philips' new Connected Coffee Machine is designed to meet your specific needs. It allows precise brew adjustments and can even recognize you through the nfc chip in your coffee mug.

Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your other smart systems. For instance, it can start your "Time to Unwind" Spotify playlist when you select your Sunday Morning Cappuccino or provide you with the latest news updates when you grab that Weekday Morning Shot. Tailor your coffee to your taste with Philips.

Value proposition #2

Exploring coffee beans reveals a whole new world, and that's precisely why our connected coffee machine was created—to immerse you in it. It enriches your coffee journey with valuable tips, tricks, and facts, guiding you towards the finest taste.

But that's not all—complementing this experience is our intuitive mobile app. With it, you can simply scan any coffee bean bag, and it will bring up a wealth of information, from origin details to expert brewing tips.

Backed by a community of fellow enthusiasts, it's your go-to resource for discovering favorite beans, blends, and recipes. The perfect tool for any coffee connoisseur.

Value proposition #3

Experience coffee like never before with the new Philips Connected Coffee Machine. Say goodbye to those abrupt coffee breaks because this machine ensures you're always ready. It's more than just a coffee maker – it's your ultimate coffee companion.

It notifies you when you're running low on beans, pre-heats, pre-grinds, and even pre-orders your favorite coffee beans. It's your source of inspiration, encouraging you to explore exciting new flavors. Now, you can savor barista-quality coffee without the need to run a coffee shop. Say hello to uninterrupted coffee bliss.

Value proposition #4

Devices have become indispensable in our daily lives. The ones we rely on day in and day out should never be a source of frustration. That's why we've crafted our innovative Connected Coffee Machine to be seamlessly intuitive.

Simply speak to it, give it a gentle touch, or send a quick chat message. And for those few buttons it does have, you have the power to program them to suit your preferences. Because coffee should enhance your day, not complicate it. Say goodbye to unnecessary hassle and enjoy your coffee effortlessly.

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