A Digital Fashion Collection to Fight the Fur Industry

A Digital Fashion Collection to Fight the Fur Industry

While we might think fur is something from the past and has disappeared from the streets the fur industry is still silently killing over 100 million animals on a yearly basis. That’s why it’s crucial for organizations like the International Anti-Fur coalition to constantly come up with innovative ways to grab people’s attention for this atrocity 

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So we created UNFUR. A digital fur fashion collection to fight the fur industry in the physical one. Using the current hype around NFT’s and the metaverse to spark the debate: Is it okay to wear fur when no animals are getting killed for it? 

The five fashion pieces were designed by students at the University of Westminster. The Fashion Design BA has an exceptional reputation for being aligned with the international fashion indsutry

Each concept was meticulously translated from paper into 3D, animated into a redefined interpretation of each animal's natural habitat and put up for auction on Flow. The low-emission blockchain, where all earnings will go towards the International Anti-Fur Coalition to support their ongoing fight against the fur industry 

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