An Unforgettable Christmas: All You Need is Beer

An Unforgettable Christmas: All You Need is Beer

Amstel Beer sought to capitalize on the heartwarming spirit of Christmas to reinforce its brand's message of creating unforgettable moments. The challenge was to engage the Dutch audience during the highly anticipated "All you need is Love" Christmas television show, which draws nearly the entire nation into their living rooms for three hours of emotional reunions.

All You Need is Beer


We created a film that was strategically timed to air during the first commercial block of the "All you need is Love" show. The heart of the film centered around reuniting a Dutch man with his brother, who had emigrated to Lapland years ago. The catch, however, was that the reunion moment could only last as long as it took to share a single Amstel beer.

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Edward Stolze

Lionell Schuring

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