Great brands are the accumulative of great products, services and experiences. It's my aim to make those memorable, recognisable and most of all relevant to people.

For many years I have worked as a creative director in advertising. Capturing the essence of a brand and translating it into stories, campaigns, activations, content and experiences. 


With the urge to not just sell but help create brands, I made the shift to product and experience design. Giving me the ability to shape value propositions from the ground up. Come up with new products and services, guide them through development and help launch and continuously improve them.


Currently, I take part in the management team of Mobiquity where I head the creative departement. Working together with strategists, designers, engineers, product owners and clients to create memorable, distinctive and reliable products, services and experiences that carry the essence of the brand in even the smallest of interactions. 

Lionell Schuring

Some of the brands I had the pleasure of working with

Dutch Government
ila Bank
Standard Bank
Amstel Beer

Every interaction someone has with your brand is either a deposit or a withdrawal in the bank of brand equity. 


Brand experience

I help clients translate their brand promises into real experiences that deliver on that promise. Whether it's in a customer, user or employee journey, I like to build a distinctive brand in even the smallest of interactions.   


Brand innovation

I guide brands in their innovation programs by conducting research, facilitating workshops, generating and validating ideas. Creating active brand purposes that drive business decisions and product roadmaps. Bringing marketers, designers, technologists, product owners and other brand specialists around a singular view of what makes a brand relevant to people.  


Brand content

I turn brand promises, product introductions, experiences and promotions into commercials, social ads, outdoor and online campaigns. Always with the aim to not make it look like typical advertising.  


Brand activation

I like to activate brands by really doing something for people instead of just talking about it. Letting the brand exist in real life, around real people. Inviting, encouraging and bringing people together so you’re able to bump into them, join in, interact and learn from them.

My work has been featured in:

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