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Nov 24, 2019

Creating the New Standard for Fintech in the Middle East

With over 100 million millennials and tech-savvy young people in the Middle East and 50% of business owners under the age of 35, Bank ABC (Arab Banking Corporation, Bahrein) saw the need to give this generation of consumers an easier way to manage their finances. We helped them build an entirely new, fully-digital bank called 'ila'.

Ila is Arabic for the word 'to'. Indicative of the bank's objective to propel its customers from where they are 'to' where they aspire to be. By studying the customer's lifestyles and priorities we were able to offer them an intuitive environment that is completely attuned with their financial needs. Providing a clear overview of their finances, showing what's safe to spend. The ability to create budgets, get instant rewards and many other smart products and services.

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