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Comedian's Worst Nightmare

FSHD is a muscular dystrophy that causes progressive weakness of the face, upper arms, shoulder regions and legs. While scientists are looking for a treatment, funding of the research is a challenge since the disease is quite unknown to the public.  So when the Dutch FSHD Foundation asked us to help increase awareness and donations, we knew we had to come up with something that would stand out from the daily amount of content that people consume.  


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FSHD Foundation


Young & Rubicam


The disease is caused by degeneration of muscle due to a missing chromosome in the person's genes. It often first affects facial muscles making it hard to express emotions. This typical characteristic made us stage a comedian’s worst nightmare. We agreed in secret with the audience of Dutch comedian Ronald Snijders during his very successful comedy show, to not laugh at his jokes. After 10 long minutes Nynke, who has FSHD, relieved him with the explanation. 

FSHD muscles

We reached...

Over one million people on TV & radio and 1,5 million views online.

Within a week the stunt got the attention of several big media outlets in the Netherlands like PAUW, de Coen & Sander Show, Ekdom in de ochtend and Dumpert.

FSHD Linda 3
FSHD Linda 2
FSHD Linda 1

Even weeks after our stunt, we kept generating valuable attention in well-read Dutch magazines like the Linda.

We also came up with an online competition to see how long you could keep a straight face by using your webcam.

PR &

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