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Connecting Coffee

Philips wanted to enrich the experience of their high-end coffee machines. Together we explored the lives of two types of coffee lovers and looked where we could relief some of their frictions or fulfil any needs they have or didn't even knew they had.   


Concept, Innovation, Value Proposition, CX





Connected Coffee_header.jpeg

Based on the available research we created two personas, mapped out what their winning week would look like and what role coffee plays in there.

Connected Coffee_persona Bernd
Coffee beans
Connected Coffee_persona Anna

Through a number of workshops we were able to define where we could create value for these two personas, based on what they expect, desire or could be surprised by. What they are trying to get done and any undesired situations or risks they would like to avoid.

Connected Coffee_Jobs Bernd
Connected Coffee_Jobs Anna
Connected Coffee_Pain & Gain Anna
Connected Cofee_Pain & Gain Bernd

To test our ideas we created all kinds of material from storyboards to prototypes and videos

Connected Coffee_scanner
voice coffee.png
Connected Coffee_route2
Connected Coffee_route3
Connected Coffee_ifthis
Connected Coffee_mug
Connected Coffee_route1
Connected Coffee_route4
coffee cup.jpg

Concept video

Connected Coffee_footer
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