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Potverdorie's Fruit Leather Label

Potverdorie! collects fruit and vegetables from wholesale that doesn't get sold to supermarkets and turns them into delicious jams and chutneys. We told Potverdories’ story – their fight against food wastage – through the design of their product by literally creating their labels from unsold fruits & vegetables.


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To create the labels the fruit and vegetables first gets mashed into a pulp.  Next the pulp get spread out on a tray and goes into the oven. After a couple of hours beautiful fruit leather patches come out of the oven and with a laser the logo and shape of the labels gets cut out. 

Cucumber slices
Potverdorie Fruit Leather Label Cucumber Jar

Every label is made from the same ingredients as the content of the jar. And another  interesting fact: the label has the same life span as the content of the jar. So when the label gets mouldy, you also know you can't eat the jam or chutney anymore.

Mango slide
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