Unforgettable Ties: JVC's Upside-Down Sales Strategy

Unforgettable Ties: JVC's Upside-Down Sales Strategy

JVC, a renowned brand in the world of consumer electronics, faced a unique challenge during their bi-annual dealer show. With an abundance of new product releases and information to convey, they needed an innovative way to ensure that their dealers not only retained but also effectively communicated all the highlights to potential customers. How could they make sure that the dealers effortlessly became walking, talking brand ambassadors?


In preparation for the bi-yearly dealer show, we came up with the idea to sent out a unique and captivating invitation mailing to their dealers. We designed a stylish tie that was anything but ordinary. On this tie, we embroidered all the new JVC product introductions along with short descriptions – but here's the twist: everything was embroidered upside down! This seemingly unusual approach served a brilliant purpose. Dealers could simply glance down at their tie to refresh their memory about the latest JVC products, without anyone around them noticing. This unique tie not only carried product information but also became a memorable and practical tool for the dealers.

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