Staging a Live-Burglary to Increase NN's Insurance Sales

Staging a Live-Burglary to Increase NN's Insurance Sales

Insurance products form a low-interest category for young adults. They underestimate the importance of household insurance and are more likely to take risks. How do you gain market share amongst this notoriously difficult to reach target audience?

Case video

To get the attention of this digital savvy audience, we used the hype around the newly launched Periscope app and staged the World’s First Live-streamed Burglary on Periscope. We staged a live burglary and broadcasted it live through Periscope, the Twitter-owned live-streaming video app.


  • With a small budget of 40.000 euro the campaign generated over 275.000 Euro in free media exposure.

  • More than 1 million people were driven to the campaign website, where they could win the burglar from the Periscope video to come and inspect their own home, as well as find out how well their home is protected against burglary.

Bronze - Financial

Dutch Creativity Awards
Finalist - PR

Finalist - Media

Team a.o.
Chris Krabbendam

Anne-Maro Huberts

Fabian Sapthu

Paul van Uden

Frank van Rooijen

Lionell Schuring

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