Jam-packed with Purpose: Fruit Leather Labels

Jam-packed with Purpose: Fruit Leather Labels

Potverdorie!, a Dutch sustainable food company, embarked on a mission to combat food wastage. Their goal was to rescue unsold fruits and vegetables from wholesale markets and prevent them from going to waste. They needed to engage consumers in this mission while crafting delicious jams and chutneys from these rescued ingredients.

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We addressed the challenge by reimagining their product labels. By envisioning packaging that not only mirrored the jar's contents but also symbolized their commitment to sustainability. Our solution was to craft labels from the very fruits and vegetables they saved from being discarded.

We turend the unsold produce into pulp, baked it on trays, to create captivating fruit leather labels. Each label, echoing the jar's contents, bolsters Potverdorie!'s waste reduction commitment.

The labels also share the same lifespan as the products, signaling the end of a product's shelf life when they molded.

Dutch Creativity Awards
Finalist - Packaging

Team a.o.
Rens Quirijnen

Bjorn van den Hout

Frank van Rooijen

Lionell Schuring


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