Indestructible Jeans Sparking National Debate

Indestructible Jeans Sparking National Debate

SIRE, a Dutch foundation addressing social issues, aimed to prompt change in parents' and educators' behavior towards children. Their focus was on allowing boys space to develop through exploration, experimentation, and risk-taking. Concerning statistics from CBS Youth Monitor 2016 revealed boys were reprimanded more often, diagnosed with ADHD at higher rates, and placed in special education more frequently than girls.

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SIRE recognized the need to highlight the distinct learning styles of boys and their limited space for development. Their solution was a compelling campaign challenging the attitudes of Dutch educators and parents.

The centerpiece of the campaign was the creation of indestructible jeans made from Dyneema, a material 15 times stronger than steel. These jeans tackled a common concern among parents, providing a solution for boys to explore without worrying about ruining their pants. SIRE encouraged engagement through an online debate, offering these innovative jeans as a unique reward.


  • The campaign sparked nearly 17,000 social media posts, reaching an audience of 275 million.

  • Moreover, 624 news reports were generated, extending the campaign's reach to an impressive 375 million.

  • The success of this campaign was unparalleled in the history of SIRE, achieving unparalleled results and media exposure.

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