Smart Thief Caught on Cam: LG's TV Heist Going Viral

Smart Thief Caught on Cam: LG's TV Heist Going Viral

LG needed to promote its groundbreaking 55-inch OLED TV, the world's thinnest at just 0.15 inches thick, before CES. The challenge was to stand out amidst fierce competition, using a unique selling point while avoiding the traditional advertising route.

Case video


Rather than conventional advertising, our approach involved a suspenseful one-minute silent video featuring a daring thief attempting to steal the remarkably slim OLED TV. Uploaded anonymously on YouTube, it sparked viral buzz and discussions online, making LG a topic of intrigue. The campaign's success led to increased foot traffic in electronic shops, boosted sales, and positioned LG as a CES trendsetter, demonstrating the effectiveness of unconventional marketing strategies.

Results (in 4 weeks)

  • 7.5+ million views

  • YouTube Trending Gold Medal

  • #1 Weekly Global Viral Ads Chart

  • Media Value €1,280,000

  • Production Cost €5,000

Original video

Dutch Creativity Awards

Gold - Cyber

Silver - Activation Marketing

Silver - TV Commercials

Cannes Lions Festival

Gold - Promo & Activation

Gold - Film

Silver - Cyber

Clio Awards

Gold - Film

London International Awards

Silver - Digital Viral

New York Festival




Silver - Small Budget

Bronze - Durables


The One Show


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