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Great Moments of 2020

Mobiquity is made from people that always like to look at what's possible instead of getting stuck on what's not when you present them with a challenge. A positive attitude that really came in handy during the year a global pandemic broke out. So when we saw a lot of people and media celebrate the year finally ended, we wanted to make sure the internet would never forget some of the great moments that also happened. 


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To honour and celebrate the great moments of 2020, we build a digital monument. A place that will exist forever to remind us even years from now that the year of Covid was also the year of balloons bringing 4G to Kenya. The year that India planted 220 million trees in a day, Africa was declared free of wild polio and we had the first test of a high-speed levitating pod system. 

Online film

To promote the 2020 Digital Monument of Great Moments we created a video with some of the most amazing events that happened.

Great Moments 2020_site
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We launched the 2020 Digital Monument of Great Moments with over 50 great events and made sure to ask visitors if they had any great moments we should add.

Digital monument

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